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TCS Philosophy of Academic and Athletic Competition

Texoma Christian School is a member of and competes in the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) and the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) organizations. As such, our school subscribes to, is governed by, and follows the schedules and regulations of these institutions. As an educational institution, TCS emphasizes its interests in and concerns for academic excellence. Nevertheless, TCS also supports the importance of developing the whole student, and it accentuates the nature and values of fairness, competition, sportsmanship, and athletic competition. TCS views both academic and athletic competition as important.

It is the purpose of TCS to offer its students as many opportunities for extracurricular academic and athletic competitions as possible and to encourage full student participation in both. Our goal is to enhance the development of all TCS students to excel in as many areas as they can. While winning is important, TCS believes that the values of teamwork, practice, and sportsmanlike conduct are paramount and that students can learn much from both winning and losing. All can participate, but not everyone can always win. For this reason, the school desires that its students and their parents work together to consider their school work, family life, and other obligations that can be affected by participation in athletic competition. Parents and students are encouraged to prioritize their interests and abilities with a balanced view regarding what the student can and should do. Students who make the choice to compete must also understand the implications and consequences of the choices they make.
In both academics and athletics, the TCS program seeks to be unifying, developmental, inclusive, and sportsmanlike with a view toward attaining excellence. Above all, academic and athletic coaches should encourage full participation among the entire student population to build a lasting and effective program, to offer competitive opportunities for the most participants, to teach them cooperation, fairness, and respect for all, and to prepare them for life in the real world, while simultaneously making every effort to win, if possible.

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