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Verse of the Day
Learning Differences: Resources

Child Find

Child Find is a continuous process of public awareness activities, screening and evaluation designed to locate, identify, and refer as early as possible all young children with disabilities and their families who are in need of Early Intervention Program (Part C) or Preschool Special Education (Part B/619) services of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The liaison for Texoma Christian School is Kaye Allen.  To initiate the process or simply ask questions contact our liaison to discuss your child's concerns.

Lavonda Brown, Child Find Coordinator, 903-891-6439

Your Child's Pediatrician

Visiting with your child's Pediatrician about your concerns will provide you with additional recommendations which could include a referral to a child psychologist for additional testing.

Scottish Rite Hospital

The Scottish Rite Hospital provides free services to children which may include diagnostic testing for learning differences. For more info:

Landmark College:  Summer Programs for students with Learning Differences

Landmark College offers several Summer Programs to assist students with learning differences. We have created special short term summer programs for younger high school students, graduating high school seniors, and colleges around the country.

All the programs are designed to enable students to identify their learning strengths and differences, to learn specific strategies to be successful in formal academic settings, and to give participants the opportunity to make significant changes in an intentional and supportive academic community.

Note: No applicant is required to have a diagnosed learning disability to participate in any Landmark College summer program.

Special Education and Learning Difference Resources

National Center for Learning Disabilities (212) 545-7510

Newsletter with helpful articles for parents:

Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, Inc. (512) 478-3366;

Advocacy, Inc. 7800 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78757 (512) 454-4816;;

CED-Council for Exceptional Children (888) CEC-DPED


Attention Deficit Disorders Association

CHADD-Children and Adults with Attention Disorders (800) 233-4050

Speech and Language:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (800) 638-8255


Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, Inc. (202) 377-5220

NAD-National Association of the Deaf (301) 587-1788

American Sign Language Teachers Association


American Council for the Blind

National Federation of the Blind (410) 659-9314


Autism Society of America (800) 3AUTISM X150